About Us

Guide Turbo is a free tool that was created to make it easier to find or manage an adventure. We have two different groups of people that we love helping.

Guides: First, our platform was created by guides, for guides. Our company is run by former fly fishing guides, kayak instructors, raft guides, and outdoor enthusiasts. We have insider access to the guide world, and we know how much hard work it takes to manage a successful outfitter.

We think it’s ridiculous that you should be charged an arm and a leg to have an online presence and booking software in this day and age.

We don’t take a dime from you for using our platform, even when someone books. It’s completely free, no catches.

Clients (People looking for a guide): We know how hard it is to find a guide. It’s a circus, really. Guide Turbo is an easy way for you to find a guide, view prices and packages, read reviews, and book it right away.

We DON’T take a commission or mark prices up. You pay the guides’ rate, and then a standard credit card processing fee. We don’t touch that fee, it pays for our payment gateway costs. You’d be paying that fee regardless of how you booked online.

Because of our unique business model, we don’t exploit either party during the booking process. Guides use us for free. Clients use us for free. For us to do well, we have to have a great product that encourages every day usage.

As a company, we are self-funded, and we don’t have anyone to answer to. Our number one goal is working with integrity to help guides and clients do what they love.

We give advertisers a unique opportunity to access our loyal community. The guides in our community aren’t just a number, they have a name and a profile and they interact with us often.

They trust us.

They are powerful influencers, and their clients listen to what they say. If you want to talk about our unique advertising opportunity, talk to Chris@GuideTurbo.com


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