Advertising with Guide Turbo

Advantages of Advertising with Guide Turbo

Utilize all of our platforms: Web, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Blog. Gain access to our industry professionals, influencers, AND outdoor fanatics. Leverage our reputation as a brand centered around loyalty and integrity. Gain valuable feedback from the guides on the leading edge of the outdoor and travel industry.

As we are a growing start-up, we are offering attractive entry points to our campaigns by providing multiple pricing options based on each partner's needs. Advertising with Guide Turbo is a multifaceted approach that incorporates representation on our web site, mobile application(s), social media, and blog. The Guide Turbo team will work with each Advertising partner to assist them in their marketing goals and to maximize exposure on all of our platforms, as our successes are intertwined.

Guide Turbo offers the unique ability to strengthen our advertising partners brands not only with Industry professionals, but also with their clients as we operate in both the client and the guide/instructor or outfitter markets. Our Guides, instructors, and outfitters love our dedication to their success and know that we are committed to working with reputable guides and building brand loyalty. The Guide Turbo team has a direct and open line of communication with our guides, giving us insight into the pulse of the outdoor industry.

Advertising on the Guide Turbo Platforms

Guide Turbo Web Site Gain representation on the central platform used by our listed guides who offer a variety of services, as well as the adventurers interested in booking a trip with a guide.

Aggressive 3 tier Advertising strategy to meet the needs of most budgets.

Limited Advertising to make sure that our advertising partners gain maximum exposure.

Dynamic space for logos linked to our advertising partner's web site.

Quarterly analytic reports providing metrics from the Guide Turbo web site so our advertising partners can evaluate campaign results.

Guide Turbo Blog

Our Blog is the voice of Guide Turbo, broadcasting to our audience of outdoor industry professionals and adventurers.

Become part of our conversation within the guide world, and our strong community of experts.

Introduce your brand and products to our followers in a practical and popular environment.

Grow the audience for your content with a mutual relationship between our marketing team and our advertising partners.

Gain feedback and valuable insight from outdoor experts.

Guide Turbo Social Media

ENGAGE with our dedicated and loyal audience

Provide valuable insight about your brand for our audience

Utilize each Social Media platform for maximum reach

Gain brand recognition from the audience that matters!

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