GuideTurbo FAQ   

Q: In a nutshell, what is GuideTurbo?

A: GuideTurbo is a tool for both Guides and for people looking for a guide. Guides, instructors and outfitters of all kinds create a profile and list all of the services that their businesses offer. They use our platform to manage their calendar, accept online bookings and payments, accept reviews and much more. If you’re looking for a guide, search by a variety of different ways for whatever activity you’re looking for, and book it right away.

For Guides

Q: I am a guide, how do I sign up?

A: GuideTurbo is built to make a guides’ life easier. Listing your services is no exception. Click here to create an account. Once you create an account, click on List Your Services and get started. If you offer multiple different activities, like Yoga and Hiking, create one service for each. You can then create multiple packages for each service (half day, full day, etc.).

Q: I am a guide, what if I already have a reservation system in place?

A: You can still greatly benefit from GuideTurbo (for free, of course!). If you manage multiple calendars or booking systems and are worried about overbooking, we have a solution. You can choose to require approval for each trip that’s booked. In that case, each client that submits a booking will have to be approved by you first. As soon as you approve the booking, payment goes through and you’re good to go.

Q: I am a guide, does it cost anything to sign up and list my services?

A: Nope!!! You can list your service for free, no costs at all. We also don’t take a dime from the transaction, not even from the client. If you charge $100 for a guided trip, the client pays $103 to account for Paypal processing fees, and you walk away with your full $100.

Q: If GuideTurbo doesn’t take any of the transaction, how do you guys make any money?

A: Our revenue comes from selling advertisements to relevant companies on our website and app. This is what we like about our business model. Guides can know for sure that we aren’t interested in taking money out of their pockets. If you’re interested in advertising with us, you can read a few more details here

Q: I am a guide, what if I really like talking to my clients before they book a trip?

A: We don’t blame you. If you want to make sure that you talk to your clients before they book, simply go to each service and select the option that says, “I want clients to request a booking and wait for me to confirm it.” When a client wants to book, you’ll get an email with all their info. You can give the client a call or email to ensure that you’re a good fit. Once you’re ready, approve the request and payment will go through automatically.

Q: I am a guide, but I don't see a category for my guided activity. What should I do?

A: GuideTurbo is capable of listing any guided activity that you can think of! If you don't see your specific Service Type, follow the link to submit a new one. We will quickly review your request and you'll get an email when we have approved it.

Q: What’s the difference in identifying as an individual guide vs an outfitter?

A: If you tell us you’re an individual guide, that tells us that you can’t be in two places at once, and ensures that you won’t get double booked. If you’re an outfitter, we assume that every active package has coverage up to the maximum number of clients that you specify. If you have questions, make sure you let us know and we can help.

Q: What’s the difference in a service and a package?

A: Each guide or outfitter can list multiple services and packages. SERVICES are categories of activities. PACKAGES are individual offerings within a service. If you offer Fly Fishing and Hunting, you’ll create a service for each. Within each service, you’ll list all of your offerings as packages. So, your Fly Fishing service will have packages for a 4 hour wading trip, 8 hour float trip, casting lesson, and everything in between.

Q: Who can review me?

A: The only people that can leave a review are clients that have booked a trip through GuideTurbo, or clients that you invite to leave a review. If you want to invite clients to review you, send them the link and they’ll have access.

For Clients

Q: What is involved in the approval process for the guides listed on GuideTurbo?

A: Anyone that is a guide can sign up for GuideTurbo. Guides don’t work for us, we just provide them a place to manage their business. Before you book a guide, check out his or her reviews and see what you think. The only people that are able to leave a review for a guide are the ones that have taken a trip with them.

Q: Who can sign up for GuideTurbo?

A: Anyone with an email address that isn't a robot! Creating a profile is simple for anyone, whether you’re a regular user or a guide. Signing up is totally free and we don't require any payment information to make a profile.

Q: Is there an App?

A: Yes! Our world is becoming more dependent on mobile devices and this is one of the great things about GuideTurbo. If you’re on a mobile devide, our free app is the way to go. The App available for Android and iPhone , is FREE to download and use, and is capable of doing almost everything that the website does.

Q: Who operates GuideTurbo?

A: GuideTurbo was the idea of a long-time Whitewater rafting and Fly Fishing guide named Michael Turbyville. Mike took his idea to his partners, Chris Kindred and Preet Hooda, and together they developed the website and app. These guys oversee the daily operation of GuideTurbo, along with the help of our Marketing Director, Dan Munger. You can learn more about us by heading over to our "About Us" page.

Q: Can I book a guided activity directly through GuideTurbo?

A: Of course! That’s kind of the point...Some guides allow immediate bookings, while others require an approval process.

Q: What if I book a trip through GuideTurbo and need to cancel or reschedule?

A: Any guide that lists his or her services on GuideTurbo has the ability to set their own cancellation policy, just like in the real world. We will honor any guides' cancellation policy as detailed in our Terms and Conditions. If you need to cancel or reschedule, contact your guide and they can try to accommodate your request.


Q: Why won't it allow me to sign up with Facebook?

A: First, make sure that you’re allowing access to third party apps in your Facebook App settings. If you're still having issues, click on “Guide Turbo” while inside your Facebook App settings. Ensure that you are providing your email ID to the Guide Turbo app by checking the box next to your email address. If you fix one of the above problems and are still having issues, remove the Guide Turbo app from Facebook settings and try again.

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