April 8, 2016

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GuideTurbo Launches Mobile Application and Web Site

Knoxville, Tenn.- GuideTurbo, a guide service listing service that also provides booking services in its functionality, is launching its mobile application on May 1, 2016. GuideTurbo was an idea of a whitewater rafting and fly fishing guide, to help guides and other privateers spend more time guiding and less time having to work the phones and computers.

"Most people don't realize what goes into a guided trip. On top of the time the guide spends with the client, they also have to make the lunches, stock the boat, pay attention to the weather, keep their gear up to date, and then they also have to try to run the marketing and financial side also", says Michael Turbyville, founder of GuideTurbo.

Turbyville's idea is to make life easier for the guide. He wants the guide to be able to concentrate on the things they are great at and let GuideTurbo fill in the gaps.

"I've been on trips where guides have answered their phone during the trip to confirm an upcoming trip", Turbyville states.

Turbyville thinks he can help and his solution is GuideTurbo. GuideTurbo will allow guides and privateers to list and describe their service. The platform will make it easier for clients to find guides when they are traveling to unfamiliar areas. And the platform also includes a calendar and payment system so that clients can book guides from the app or the web site.

GuideTurbo hopes to reach past the outdoor market. Turbyville hopes to reach out to those privateers who offer walking tours, wine tastings, culinary arts, food tours, and almost anything where a person who is passionate about something can find a place to share their passion.

GuideTurbo started as Turbyville's idea, but it wasn’t until he reached out to his friend, Chris Kindred, that he was able to see his idea come to fruition. Kindred, who had been working in the production industry, developed an event app of his own and knew the how to project manage the build. After several talks and bouts of ideas, the two friends became partners and started down the path of developing their idea.

Along the development road came Preet Hooda, an experienced developer and digital project manager, who liked the idea of GuideTurbo and decided to join the team. He is considered the wizard among the GuideTurbo team.

GuideTurbo includes a website, and a mobile app availabile for iOS and Android devices.

GuideTurbo, based out of Knoxville, Tenn., is a free tool that makes it easy for guides and instructors to find clients, organize schedules, and accept payments. For more information, contact Daniel Munger at (256) 507-0694 or


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